Ready to Drop Your Window Units?

Install mini-splits in Alpine, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, UT and the entire Utah County

Are you tired of high energy bills? Is your HVAC unit underperforming? Mr. Good Guy HVAC, LLC can install a mini-split system in your home. Mini-splits are ductless heating and cooling systems that have become popular in homes. If you're looking for an energy-efficient HVAC system that doesn't require installing ductwork, choose a mini-split system.

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Benefits of installing mini-splits

Benefits of installing mini-splits

Mini-splits offer several advantages over other types of heating and cooling systems. With a mini-split system, you have:

  • Individual temperature control: With a single-zone mini-split system, you can control the temperature for each room individually.
  • A ductless system: There’s no need to install new duct work in older homes.
  • Combined heating and cooling: Mini-splits allow you to heat and cool with the same unit.

Installing mini-splits is often less expensive than installing new ductwork in an old home. It also offers tremendous energy advantages over window units and other space cooling systems.

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